Welcome to Columbus

When the owner of a Columbus globe touch it for the first time, emotions flow. The careful selection of materials, the craftsmanship that brought them to life, the care and patience that were dedicated to them.

Each Columbus globe is a masterpiece - designed for those who value traditional manufacturing and for those who are able to create passion about a unique product.

For more than one hundred years the family business is the world leader in manufacturing high end luxury globes.

Although the globes are manufactured in a traditional way they are the world´s most innovated globes, state of the art in technology and engineering.


Learn more about energy supply, the materials used to create our globes and how to deal with our employees.


How do I change the light bulb of my globe? This and other information and videos about your globes can be found here.


Why does a Columbus globe offer real added value? Experience your globe with the audio video pen

OID (optical image decoding)

COLUMBUS Explorer Pen

The handcoated COLUMBUS Globes are equipped with the audio / video technology. A sensor at the tip of the COLUMBUS Explorer Pen can scan the codes that are placed all over the COLUMBUS globes. These codes are linked to correpsonding audio or video files.

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